Feedbackfox - a fast feedback filter for Firefox.


    2009-07-14 22:20:00 Feedbackfox is now ready for Firefox 3.6.*

    Feedbackfox is a sidebar integrated eBay feedback filter.
    Input a username and get a colored list with all feedback comments. Following you can filter the positive, neutral, negative or withdrawn feedback.
    Single click on any column header will cause sortation by feedback type (color)

    It runs quite fast and you'll quickly receive an impression of any user (seller or buyer) you're interested in.
    Single click on a feedback row will open the item side in a new tab of the browser (if the item page is available yet).
    If Feedbackfox discovers any eBay item view the context menu of the browser will be extended by all user names the current site contains. Choose a name and get the related feedback (the sidebar opens automatically if necessary).
    Optionally you can chose whether the toolbar button is visible or not and how many feedbacks you want to get at all. Additionally there is a readonly textbox for developer notes in the option pane. There will appear such kind of notes like the red one above.
    If you're a Mac user and have Growl and Growl Notifications installed now Feedbackfox notifies you about its state. If you've not nothing happens. Just a feature.

    NEW: Feedbackfox is now ready for Firefox 3.6.*

    Supported Languages: en-US, en-GB, de-DE, es-ES, nl-NL, fr-FR, it-IT (thanks markh, myahoo and MatrixIsAllOver from BabelZilla)

    Download Feedbackfox (Requires Mozilla Firefox 1.0 - 3.6.*)

    New! Install Feedbackfox 1.0.5

Feedbackfox is absolutely free but if you like it you can support its development.